Tarot Readings

Please fill out the form below with the desired date and time of your phone tarot reading, you will receive an e-mail from The Magick Cauldron's manager within 48 hours on whether or not your desired time can be met as well as instructions on how to proceed with having your reading. This confirmation e-mail will be followed by a secure invoice via PayPal, please make sure to include an active e-mail address in the form as appointments will not be saved or taken until the invoice is paid.

We at The Magick Cauldron understand that this new system may be inconvenient for you, our resident psychic, Magick Cauldron owner Lady Morganna Moonshadow, prefers face to face tarot readings as well. But, until such time as we can open a physical location again this is what we will all have to live with, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Blessed Be!

Tarot Reading Appt. Form

Preferred Date and Time for Tarot Appt.:

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Quick Info on Tarot Readings:

  • Until The Magick Cauldron has a physical location again, all tarot readings are by phone appointment only attained by filling out the form on this page
  • Phone readings are still a full ten card reading
  • Readings have a 45 minute time limit per session, if further questions remain you will need to schedule another appointment
  • Readings are rated at $60 per session, non-negotiable
  • Palm Readings and Medium Services are suspended until we have a physical location once more
  •  Reiki Healing services are accepted on a case by case basis, please contact our answering service at 570-223-2251, and leave a message; we will return your call ASAP