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Wicca Store, East Stroudsburg PA, The Magick Cauldron , is perfect for your Wicca needs. Why? Because The Magick Cauldron makes
your Wicca celebrations fun, easy, and totally affordable!
It's practically a no-brainer solution to purchase you Wicca Supplies with The Magick Cauldron. 
So Fly On Over To The Magick Cauldron In PA today for all your Wicca and Spiritual needs!
Our physical store is located at:
Stawberry Fields Plaza
730 Milford Road
East Stroudsburg PA 18301
Our hours are Monday-Saturday 12:30-7pm, Sunday 12:30-5pm

If You Need It Or Want It - We Have It
So Fly On Over Today!!!

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We are always working on our website...check back often! If you need something in a hurry...stop by the store or call us and we can ship it to you right away! Unlike other 'new age' stores, we carry items on hand and order others every day!  We also create unique tools and supplies for your every need, so if you do not see it, please don't hesitate to inquire.  Having a staff of artisans who manifest beauty, magick, and power into everything we make, we are able to offer you over 200 years combined experience in alchemy, magick, and witchcraft. 

Merry Meet! Welcome to the Magick Cauldron located in Strawberry Fields Plaza at 730 Milford Road East Stroudsburg PA 18302. We're two doors down from Vinny D's Deli.

We are a full service New Age Shoppe specializing in "W-I-C-C-A," The craft of the wise and Native/American Spiritualism. Our supplies are the best you will experience. All our items are created with love in a sacred space just for you the practitioner.  Offering everything under the Moon and Sun for your ritual practice, including herbs - bulk and packaged, crystals, gemstones, one-of-a-kind jewelry, artwork, books, divination tools, spellkits, witches' bottles, candles, incense, oils, bath salts, powders, dream catchers, mandalas, and all sorts of unique bits and bobs for magic and spiritual expansion, if we don't have your need, we will create for you or order it special from one of our gifted artisans.  We also have talented professional alternative healers and psychics available for all your spiritual needs.  Our Reiki Master will assist you in energizing your auric field.  Our University tested Psychic will be happy to look into the Cosmos to enhance your understanding of any situation in your life both mundane and magical.  The staff Metaphysician will counsel you on improving your spirituality and clearing your chakras of negativity.  The Angel Reader will commune with the Higher Celestial Beings to enhance your understanding of your life and circumstances.  SO, whether you are an experienced Witch, Beginner or Curious...  Come experience REAL MAGIC at the Magick Cauldron.

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Contact Information

Click here for orders or questions:


To order by phone, call
(570) 223-2251

Terms and Conditions

We accept Pay pal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and money orders and of course cash in the store. 

We ship United States Postal Service: Media Mail, Priority Mail, and Express Mail


Fly On Over To The ONLY Wicca Store in Town....The Magick Cauldron (BUT, if you can't make it in on your broom then just drop us an email or an order and we will ship it to you in less then 72 hours.  Bright Blessings!  May the Great Goddess and Horned God hold you warmly and gently in Their Embrace until we should merrily meet again!)





Just browsing? Get in touch anyway and let me know what you think.

Our Monthly Featured Item:

Hot off the presses! or should I say video camera!  This one of a kind educational video teaches you all about candle magick.  Are you interested in creating positive changes in your life?  Then this video is just for you!  You will learn about the different kinds of candles and how to use them in spell work.  You will learn the proper techniques for annointing candles.  You will learn how to create all kinds of spells.   This is now a DVD created by the Church of Earth and Sky and Sunrise Associates exclusively for the Magick Cauldron.  You will not find this video anywhere else.  Only available at the Magick Cauldron.  It is just $19.95.

Candle Magick Video
Learn the art of Candle Magick